Customer feedback

Feedback from happy customers

R. & F. Fuary, Bouldercombe QLD TAS

Using hard (high calcium) water which has Class 3 salinity

We have hard and salty water from our bore here and we thought we were stuck with it. Jeff did a water test for us, and he told us he could make a difference. I have to say that I didn’t really believe this but he said he’d give us our money back if it didn’t work. He even brought it out and showed us the best place to put it.
Well, what a difference it made! We used to have to use Dove in the shower because ordinary soap didn’t lather. And we used to feel itchy afterwards. All of that changed. And there are no more white marks on the screens and on the stainless steel sink. And even the plants in the garden grew better. There were new shoots on all the fruit trees. The custard apple didn’t like the salt in the water but now it’s blooming with life.    In fact I’ve been telling everyone around here and they can all see the difference.

The Smiths, Cloncurry QLD

Using very hard (high calcium) bore and town water with Class 3 salinity

We have really terrible bore water in Cloncurry. And the town water is even worse than our bore sometimes. The plants don’t like it and it leaves white scale on everything you wash with it. A friend recommended Jeff, so we got into contact with him. The gardens look a treat now, and we can even wash the cars with it. No one washes their cars in Cloncurry! But we can because our water’s clean now. Great stuff.

G. Bird, Rockhampton QLD

High calcium bore water with some iron as well

We have problems with calcium and iron in our bore water here at home. I’ve known Jeff Harvie and BioFarm for a number of years now, and we get his help with any of our customers with problem waters too because we have a bore drilling business. He got us a magnetic conditioner for the house, and he showed us how to get rid of the iron too. Now we get no more staining and no more white spots and streaks in the house. Have a look at the photos of the shower screen and the pool.

Ray McCarthy, Orielton, Tasmania

High Class 4 salinity bore water

It’s made a big difference to us. They said the water was too salty for growing raspberries, but they’re doing fine with the magnetic water conditioner. And it’s better in the house as well.

E. F., Toowoomba QLD

Using water with high calcium levels that used to form scale

It appears to be working very well. It stops the calcium settling on the lawn and path. Instead of sticking there, it runs right off now. Yes, I’m happy with the results.

D. Henderson, San Marcos, California

Dairy farm in California, with high sodium and Class 5 salinity

Thank you so much for asking how things have progressed, and I am happy to say we are really pleased with the results. It has been nearly six months now since your magnetic conditioner arrived and the results are outstanding. The soil is “softer” now and you can drive a penetrometer in easy now. And the alfalfa has is responding. Less phytophthera and more hay per acre. I’ll try to get you some photos soon.

W. C., Yeppoon QLD

Using extremely salty Class 6 salinity water for gardening

Yes, it seems to be working fine. It’s not burning the plants like it used to.

K.H., Kingaroy QLD

Using extremely salty Class 5 salinity water with extremely high calcium levels for lawns and gardens

We are extremely happy with the unit, as you told me our water was the hardest water you had ever seen and you did not guarantee usage on my vegetable garden. I am very happy to say the vegetables are doing fine, as well as my kikuyu lawn.

Growing beautiful lawns using bore water in outback Australia.

Growing beautiful lawns using bore water in outback Australia.