Frequently-asked questions

How long has magnetic water conditioning been around?

Magnetism is not new, of course, nor is magnetic water conditioning. The first patent for magnetic treatment of scale in water was taken out in Europe in 1890.  Victor Cassar, an Australian magnetic engineer developed commercial clamp on magnetic water conditioners (water magnets) in early 1991 using powerful neodymium (rare earth) magnetic assemblies, and it is from 20 years of further research by that same engineer that THE GROWFLOW MAGNETIC WATER CONDITIONER is now available. Our products represent the most advanced and effective magnetic water technology currently available.

Why hasn’t everyone heard about it?

If you haven’t, then in this day and age this is unusual. But then it is largely a rural product, and word sometimes travels slowly in the bush. Ask around, and you’ll be surprised how many people swear by it.

How does it work?

We use powerful neodymium (rare earth) magnets in the construction of our conditioners. These magnets focus a strong magnetic field into the flowing water. This magnetic field interferes with the ionic (electrical) charge on those elements which make up the salts in the water, and this changes the way they behave. The mineral salts (Calcium, Magnesium and Alkalinity) that cause scale )in pipes, fittings, appliances and surfaces the water comes in contact with) lose their bonding ability. They can no longer bond to surfaces, so no further scale forms. The treated water will also remove existing scale in the system over time. Iron is a little more complicated, but it also loses it’s bonding ability. Sodium, chloride and other elements which formerly contributed to salinity and sodicity in soil are also rendered inert. They lose their ability to be held ionically by soil clay particles and humus, and will leach through the profile. Leaf-burning is severely reduced, and soil structure improves.

How are they installed?

Most of our units are a clamp-on design. They separate into two halves, and are clamped around the pipe, and the bolts are done up with a spanner. They will fit any non-magnetic pipes ie. polypipe, PVC, copper, stainless steel or rubber. They may be installed externally in the weather, or they may be buried (especially if you’re concerned about somebody stealing them). They do not require a power-source, nor do they require earthing. They may not be installed over steel or galvanized pipes. Units 75mm (3″) and above are built around a spool of HDPe (high density polypipe), and have slip-flanges at either end for installation inline.

What happens to the salts?

Do they revert in the soil? We’ve seen no evidence of this. In fact, we’ve seen soil test results which show that there is normally a REDUCTION of soil salinity, especially sodium and chloride. Rest assured you will do no harm to your soil in the long-term. As for the scale-forming minerals? They will simply end up down the drain.

Where should I install it?

It should be at least one meter from any three phase electric motors. And they should not be installed onto any steel or gal pipes. You should install them before the first tap or outlet, so as to get the maximum benefit. But they should always be installed AFTER ANY STORAGE TANKS, as the water will lose it’s treated effect if stored for any period of time. And they may be installed exposed to the weather, or they may be buried if necessary. Avoid exposure to temperatures that exceed 70 degrees celcius.

How will I know if it’s working?

USE the water! It doesn’t take long to see the difference. you should notice a difference in how it lathers and how it tastes within a day of installation. you may try washing your hands with soap under the untreated water beforehand, then washing with soap again straight after installation. You should notice a marked difference. NOTE: There may be a period of stabilising of up to four to six weeks if this is an older installation, as there will be a build-up of scale in the pipework getting cleaned out. It may well get worse before it gets better!

With saline and sodic waters, it may take a little longer if you’ve been using the water for a while and have built up salts in the soil. It may take 4-6 months, but you WILL see a huge difference.

The changes will NOT show up on water tests. No minerals are being removed……merely conditioned. The minerals are still there, therefore they will still show up on tests. But they will not perform the same, and this is something you can see for yourself.

Do I have to replace them, or maintain them?

Neodymium (rare earth) magnets lose only 1-3% of their power over 100 years. They don’t wear out! We never have to replace them. And they’re constructed to be “farmer-proof”, and can sit out in cow paddocks in the elements for many years. And there’s no maintenance required. Just install them and forget they’re there!

Does the product have a warranty?

Yes! 25 year guarantee on the performance of the magnets. 3 year guarantee on workmanship. 125 day money back guarantee, that when used in accordance with the instructions, calcium buildup will be eliminated and existing calcium build-up reduced, or full invoice price will be refunded to the original purchaser.