The Development of IMS Magnetic Water Treatment

International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd has come a long way since 1988 when we began as a Magnet Manufacturer (see www.imsolution.com.au). Around 1991 we designed a new concept of Magnetic Water Conditioner (water magnet) called the AQUATRON. It was the first system using the super Rare Earth magnets (NdFeB). It was also the first system that fitted around the pipe eliminating the need to cut the pipe to fit it as it was in two parts and easily clamped over the pipe. We tested the AQUATRON and found that it was achieving results. As we were primarily a manufacturer of Rare Earth magnets we held off promoting the Aquatron preferring to supply magnets to a company that would promote this application.

Late 1993, we were approached to supply Pure Water Products with magnets for their magnetic treatment systems. Mr Victor Cassar, Managing Director of International Magnetic Solutions Pty Ltd, suggested that we could supply the magnets but also he thought that their system was out-dated and we could design a better system. Victor designed a system that would produce a magnetic field similar to their current system but was stronger and could be fitted easily over the pipe. It did not have the same magnetic design as the Aquatron but it worked quite well.

So 17 years later we found we had all this technology without a marketer. We decided to develop a new range of Magnetic Water Conditioner products (water magnets) and form a new business structure to handle it. The new entity is IMS Magnetic Water Treatment. The new brand name is GROWFLOW. The new Magnetic Water Conditioners (water magnets) are a combination of both magnetic systems and based on a greater depth of understanding of magnets and chemical reactions in magnetic fields.

Our current products sell throughout Australia and into overseas markets. We are currently developing a distributor network in Australia. We welcome enquiries from competent retailers and distributors. Contact us if you would like to expand your product range and deal with a reputable supplier.