The latest innovation from the Water Magnetic Technology Leader, GrowFlow.

Growflow introduces our Magwraps, a must have if you have any water issues. 

Our Magwrap Water Conditioners are specially designed with super strong magnets at very affordable prices!

Easy attachment to your pipe & safe handling of strong magnets.

The magnetic field interferes with the ionic charges of the mineral ions (salts) in the water, which makes them not behave like the same salts any more. This change results in the water acting “softer”. The minerals contained in the water lose their ability to bond (bond ionically). Calcium and magnesium no longer set like cement, and sodium (and other elements and salts) lose their ability to bind to the soil particles.

For full details of our MagWrap range of wrap-around magnetic water conditioners please see the details pages:

MagWrap 19 – Designed to fit around a maximum diameter pipe /hose of 19mm

MagWrap 25 – Designed to fit around a maximum diameter pipe/ hose of 25mm