Salinity in Garden and Irrigation water

High salinity level will have detrimental effects in a number of areas.

  • Initially, salt makes it more difficult for plants to withdraw water from the soil even if the soil appears to be quite moist. Salt attracts and absorbs water competing with plants for available soil moisture, and as the available soil moisture declines plants have to exert more energy to satisfy their water needs resulting in stressed wilted plants in what appears to be adequate soil moisture conditions.
  • Salt accumulation on plant foliage after spray irrigation may burn the leaves.
  • Sodium reacts with the soil to change the soil structure in a detrimental manner, reducing water movement (permeability) and aeration in the soil (see article HERE).
  • As the plant root absorbs water from the soil it also absorbs the salts, plant food etc, dissolved in it. High concentrations of salts taken up by the plant can damage the plant internally, having a toxic effect on the plants, affecting the plants physiological processes and often resulting in reduced and stunted growth, yellowing and death of the plants.
  • Reduce the availability of some plant foods, for eg high levels of sodium or magnesium may induce calcium or potassium deficiencies in plants growing in soils low in these elements.
  • There may be evidence of corrosion in metal pipes, plumbing, hot water systems, irrigation fittings etc.
  • Stock may avoid drinking water having high salinity levels or at least have a reduced intake of water, this reduced intake of water and/or the presence of high levels of sodium and chloride may affect livestock’s appearance, thrift, performance and the females milk production

Typical leaf symptoms of salt-damage

Following are improvements that can be expected when water with high salinity levels is treated with a GrowFlow Magnetic Water Conditioner.

  1. Changes to the water molecule reduce the surface tension of the water, allowing faster wetting and penetration of water into the root zone.
  2. The salts are changed to more harmless compounds with magnetic water conditioning, and they:
  • Do not effect the plant foliage.
  • Do not change the soil structure.
  • Are not toxic to sensitive plants.
  • Do not alter the balance or availability of plant nutrients.
  1. The changes to the water molecule, (as described in Point 1), result in a leaching action that will prevent salt build up in the soil and assist in leaching and reducing soil salinity as a result of previous watering with this water.

Much of the information we have on the results we are achieving with our range of Magnetic Water Conditioners in controlling the damaging effects of salt in irrigation water on plants and soil is feed back from our customers

Go to the customer feedback page see what our happy customers had to say.

It must be pointed out that these results depend on the level of salts in the water, in cases of high salinity not all plants can be grown, however treatment will allow a broader range of plants to be grown.
Further reading – Technical matters of importance

You may wish to read the article “How plants take up water“, which explains in a lot more detail how salinity works.

Your water test may show high levels of SODIUM, and/or may have a high SAR (Sodium Adsorption Ratio). Please read the following article which explains what this means.